Back to Basics – Wildlife Photography

Welcome to my first blog post as Angela Wylie Photography!

I graduated from college in 2016 with my Diploma in Photography from a full time 2 year programme which I threw myself into and thoroughly enjoyed.  I learned many different styles of photography and it’s safe to say from there that I found out that I pretty much enjoy photographing anything!

My Dad is a very keen amateur photographer and wildlife (especially birds) is where his heart lies.  So it seemed like a great idea when he suggested a few weeks ago that I join him in an upcoming photography workshop run by Ffordes Photographic in Beauly.  That was of course until I realised that I had to get out of my bed this morning at 5.30am to get there for an 8am start!!

We were treated to a talk and slide show by Laurie Campbell, one of Scotland’s leading nature photographers, and were able to try out binoculars by Swarovski and lenses by Sigma before we were let loose on the lochside at the Aigas Field Centre.

I was using my Canon 5DII so I choose to try the Sigma Contemporary 150-600mm lens and after many wobbly shots and some much needed advice from Laurie and Alistair (from Ffordes) I was able to line up this cheeky little chappie.  Taking the image was of course made much easier using a monopod for added stability.  As Alistair says if you can support the weight of the camera it leaves your mind free to focus on making your picture.

IMG_7663 copy

I don’t know about you but I’ve always felt a little intimidated by these long lenses so to have the opportunity to try them out in an educational and fun setting was very enjoyable.  The ability to play around with equipment and make mistakes in a safe and non-judgemental environment is very important to my on-going learning experience.  I’m one of those people that needs to learn in a hands-on way.

The other benefit of the workshop was the chance to talk with other photographers, to find out what they like to do and what inspires them.  It always amazes me the variety of people who love photography but then again, what’s not to love?


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